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Charlotte Event Venues – Options

Charlotte and Brother LoveEverybody who has been on any type of event knows the importance of the venue for an event. It cannot be stressed enough of how big a deal it is to choose just the right place. The good thing is Charlotte event venues are usually just right around the corner on this wonderful bustling metropolitan.

I’m sure everyone has heard it more than once. Location, location and for more fun location! The word is what you’ll mostly hear among planners or anyone involved in putting together an event. Whether it’s an event that’s going to be hosted outdoor or indoor, the place chosen should fit the exact description of what the theme would be for the gathering.

If you’ve ever paid attention to an event you’ve attended, you will notice (especially if it’s nicely done) that the place where you’ve gathered adds a huge chuck to the experience. The experience we gain and share with other people who has attended we’ll take with us for duration of time which would depend on how big an impact the event have made.

Embassy Suites Hotel in Lake Tahoe

Some would argue that food should be having the biggest emphasis on any occasion and most of the time I would agree. I’d say that most of the time it’s as close to an even split between the two. Asking a professional event planner though would supply you with another answer, he would tell you that it depends on the type of the event. There are corporate events that food hardly matters at all and it’s what the ambience of the place or what type of atmosphere it would foster that really plays a role if the said event would have a successful conclusion.

The decision of the hosts or the celebrants on whether it would be an open field, a park, a yacht, an impressive hall, on a stadium falls on what type of experience they want to imprint on their attendees. Figuring out this task requires ample knowledge of the place a lot of options the one in charge should know by heart. Choosing an event venue is usually what pushes a host or a celebrant to the brink and sway him/her to the idea of asking a professional for help. This is where the expertise of special events group comes in. A good events group should have an extensive list of venues they should have the privilege of access to. Their list should be exhaustive of different options a host can choose from which a strong ground to prove of their worthiness is.

Here are some places in Charlotte that cannot be missed:

If you’re going to choose an event planner, might as well maximize your options and go with someone who’s got the most impressive list of event venues.

Charlotte Event Planner – Budget

Growing up, I was enthralled in building computers. At a young age (my teen years) I was already engaged on educating myself on how this technological marvel works – although my father did not approve any of those learning because the curriculum mainly is comprised of me breaking our home computer down.  I remember back then a computer’s capability is many times less capable compared to the machine we now have. Nonetheless, I still find deep fascination with those machines I dismembered. Some I was able to put back and some never made it back to life again.

Corporate Event Planning Chicago

As the years pass, the success rate of me putting a computer back to its norm has steadily increased. Even without professional guidance, I was beginning to feel confident that somehow my skills are growing as I am. When internet finally reached our home, it would further throw more firewood at my furnace. Learning became much easier when you’ve got the experience of people all around the world backing you up. And so as I look back, I guess it was really my calling to be around computers. From the destroyer, to the enthusiast, gamer and now an internet freelancer; the learning I got from computers is irreplaceable.

I have mentioned all that and even got to pass points in my life because it is somehow related to the topic of why anyone should hire an event planner. As I have discussed, the background I had with personal computers gave me the expertise with the particular subject matter; thus I have developed a keen eye when people make a mistake about it all the time. One example is when I walk inside a tech shop and I find a store employee stuffing all these hardware to build a pc for a customer which has no idea he doesn’t even need have of those in his machine. The employee probably does that to gain incentive but it is wrong in so many ways.


Hiring an event planner especially in our very much eventful city of Charlotte gives us the luxury of avoiding such mistakes – assuming that you’ll get a legit one, but that’s a different topic. One reason that you should get yourself a Charlotte event planner (which is often thought of as being a complete opposite) is budget. You might think it doesn’t sound right but keeping with your budget is an advantage of hiring yourself a GOOD event planner, it always has been. Go back to the previous example I mentioned with computers. Think about it, with the numerous details one has to think of involving an event; you’ll always encounter someone, someplace and something which would force you to overspend. Then let’s add the fact that you’ll always want to impress your bride, family, friends, clients, colleagues or whoever is invited with a particular event. Having an expert by your side is always a good thing. He can act as an agent, plus the fact that as a planner he does have the years of experience to back him up. His experience can help you navigate around the city so you can stick with your budget.

Charlotte event planners – who are we?

Event Planning Office

Special events go down to the personal history of everyone who participated in the occasion. We remember them because they only happen once in a while; they usually happen for a cause and most importantly, the reason they are usually held has some gravity of its own. Given of their importance, their planning stage is in our utmost priority. We usually regard ourselves – if we are in charge – with much of our time to carefully think ahead to get the best out of the experience.

We as Charlotte event planners would like to give you a brief background on the workings of how a special gathering unfolds. It is important to know these certain views at the early stages of an event so an organizer can better gauge if he does indeed is going to get help. Imagine if you have been tasked upon recreating a certain theme for a special gathering and of course you did accept, without even knowing the trouble that one has to go through. Initially a person rarely does accept his weaknesses. This is most often than not a trait where the problem starts. When a person accepts the responsibility even though he doesn’t have the ability to foresee all the necessities a special events hold true. He might do well only up to a certain point then when things starts to build up or gets difficult, it is often too late zero in on what the event is in void of even with the help of an event planner. This scenario is what we urge people to be careful of not reaching. Events are set on an exact date, yes it is possible to move them, but it is often more costly and it will jeopardize guests’ schedules, which is why it is only done as a last resort. Its impact can be of great negativity.


An event planner, sometimes also known as an event coordinator or consultant, is an individual who has engaged himself with the supervision of numerous especial events. And because of this, he has gained enough skills and techniques in order to turn it into a profession. Event planning consist of synchronizing details in which if done harmoniously enough, would ensure an event gets the festivity, fun and wholesomeness it needs. Putting together an event requires a lot of details and it is up to the event planner to stack and blow away all these challenges – some of which are the following: budget, location, guest arrival, vendor supervision, venue requirements, guest management, catering, on site management.

An event planner keeps all those things stated above and more. We as Charlotte event planners take all these responsibilities, and with our 25 years of experience, decide on each of them and treat them as our ingredients to the wonderful event that we will serve our clients. May it be about a wedding, corporate event or just a tour we hold all of these events with the same importance and the way we only how.