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Events in Charlotte NC

April Fools, Facebook StyleAs someone who is involved with events in Charlotte NC, I am very pleased with how Facebook changed its interface. The change is a huge upgrade indeed. If it still hasn’t reached you profile yet, don’t fret, for it soon will.

You probably have done quite a number of guesses already since I haven’t mentioned it yet right?

Well the wait is over folks!

Facebook has finally added a calendar every time someone wants to look at some events. You know a calendar. That thing composed of pieces of paper hung somewhere on a wall in your house with dates on it. It has actual dates in boxes so you can write things in it so you would be able to see in a chronological order the events that you might not want to miss. It’s been around for eons and its usefulness has been passed down through generations. Apparently these factors still aren’t enough to persuade Facebook to add it a long time ago like they should have done.

Facebook is only the largest social networking company in the world which boasts about a billion user accounts around the world. You’ve read that right, the figures for Facebook has already blown through the roof that it doesn’t concern itself with millions anymore but with billions! Recently Facebook has now added a calendar view in their user interface to better help people managing events. Although it’s been long overdue and has taken a lot of public outcry first; many still gave r positive reviews about the changes they rolled out. The only negativity that people are saying right now is that the update is so recent in fact some accounts might not even feature it yet.

Monket CalendarLet us not forget as well that other than the “hackathon” (letting Facebook know that the people are screaming at them for not having it), one important thing that occurred that many consider as the turning point on how Facebook changed its views it Google plus’ introduction of their own event view. Oh what great things competitions brings! I figure this change will do wonders on how fun managing events would be like from this point.

There is a worthwhile event right now I think. It’s the launching of “The Dark Knight Rises “by Christopher Nolan. This would be the first day I’m going to try out this new event layout created by Facebook then. Fun to see how my friends’ reaction to this would be like; this will probably be the first time they would see this upgrade as well.

Glad to see Facebook has already seen the obvious. I know it had taken many of us to tell them what they’re missing, but you know that it’s better late than never.  Although for a company is worth many billions of dollars, I don’t think that excuse is valid for them. Try it out if you have it, if not you’ll just have to wait a few. I’m sure you’ll find it pleasant and much more fun to interact with which is really what social networking sites are supposed to do.

Charlotte Event Venues – Options

Charlotte and Brother LoveEverybody who has been on any type of event knows the importance of the venue for an event. It cannot be stressed enough of how big a deal it is to choose just the right place. The good thing is Charlotte event venues are usually just right around the corner on this wonderful bustling metropolitan.

I’m sure everyone has heard it more than once. Location, location and for more fun location! The word is what you’ll mostly hear among planners or anyone involved in putting together an event. Whether it’s an event that’s going to be hosted outdoor or indoor, the place chosen should fit the exact description of what the theme would be for the gathering.

If you’ve ever paid attention to an event you’ve attended, you will notice (especially if it’s nicely done) that the place where you’ve gathered adds a huge chuck to the experience. The experience we gain and share with other people who has attended we’ll take with us for duration of time which would depend on how big an impact the event have made.

Embassy Suites Hotel in Lake Tahoe

Some would argue that food should be having the biggest emphasis on any occasion and most of the time I would agree. I’d say that most of the time it’s as close to an even split between the two. Asking a professional event planner though would supply you with another answer, he would tell you that it depends on the type of the event. There are corporate events that food hardly matters at all and it’s what the ambience of the place or what type of atmosphere it would foster that really plays a role if the said event would have a successful conclusion.

The decision of the hosts or the celebrants on whether it would be an open field, a park, a yacht, an impressive hall, on a stadium falls on what type of experience they want to imprint on their attendees. Figuring out this task requires ample knowledge of the place a lot of options the one in charge should know by heart. Choosing an event venue is usually what pushes a host or a celebrant to the brink and sway him/her to the idea of asking a professional for help. This is where the expertise of special events group comes in. A good events group should have an extensive list of venues they should have the privilege of access to. Their list should be exhaustive of different options a host can choose from which a strong ground to prove of their worthiness is.

Here are some places in Charlotte that cannot be missed:

If you’re going to choose an event planner, might as well maximize your options and go with someone who’s got the most impressive list of event venues.

Charlotte NC Events This Weekend

English: Wishbone Ash at outdoor rock festival...A tourist’s heart is meant to always capture the best out of his destination. Every place has a personality of its own, if you are one of those who are not looking at travelling at this perspective, then you’re missing out on something special.

I remember the last time I went out for ride. Every once in a while a guy needs to quench his thirst for adventure. Every once in awhile you have to act on your most inner yearning for travel and not stop at just listening to it. The experience was refreshing I can tell you that. Anytime you meet a place, and you become acquainted with its secrets and somehow you fall in love with it, its magic.

A guy has to work hard to earn a living. Day in day out all throughout the week most of us sweat it out for our own respective reasons. Monday is usually the first day we start our labors and each day becomes worse than the previous. We might not realize but there is pain that is left inside deep in us. Stress as we often pertain to it gets to us which causes other illness. Learning how to get rid of stress we have accumulated from work, problems and through our daily lives is an important aspect of the adult life. A good strategy to make it through the week is to get out to places and catch some events. If one inserts a fun time in his week cycle it only means that he cares enough with his own well being.

The city of Charlotte, North Carolina has certainly a lot to offer for any visitor and for the local inhabitants. One’s imagination is the only limit on what to do on the weekend on a city at Charlotte’s scale. Charlotte NC Events this weekend is as filled with fun filled events as it would be on the next weekend. One has only got to find the resource on how to be updated with the happenings of the city. Every night there might good live music played just around the corner to keep anyone who seeks good music as company at night. These kinds of places are of course also the venue from where one can meet actual people who pretty much has the same interest since you all met at the same place and time to do the same thing probably.

Where else can one find such ever changing information than in the World Wide Web? It is as easy as typing a few word as queries and search for the upcoming events that you surely don’t want to miss this weekend. After that, since almost everyone has a smart phone, he just simply needs to type it in his planner so he could be alarmed when the event draws near. Also, the vast information being posted regularly at social networking sites that I’m sure you have my dear reader could also supply those needed answers for your upcoming events questions.

Charlotte Wedding Planners Packages


It is that time of the year again that weddings happen left and right. Yes, it’s June again and many of us know it is the wedding month. It is the month that most couples find the reason to tie the knot. We have gone with detailing some cultural and historical reason on why this is so on our previous offering. So if you’re wondering why many plan their wedding be held on the month of June, just read back and look it up.

While we never mind to stand in a soap box to preach to people the need for Charlotte wedding planners in our beautiful city, sadly I’ve still come across cases of brides making the wrong choice of not having one. There are still brides who whim on the final day of preparation of her wedding that she should have hired the assistance of a professional. Cases like these would continue to happen as long as the fear of getting professional help still exists. I would assume that it is because of budget constraints that some would hesitate but we have already stated that it is in fact about budget on why one should hire a wedding planner in the first place. Having a budget means that the whole wedding preparation process needs to be constrained by a certain budget without sacrificing too much of the event – does this sound right to anyone?

Of course that’s right! Now, does anybody notice anything peculiar about the above sentence? Is it still not that obvious? Getting a professional planner go out of his way to guide a couple with their wedding spending is crucial to stay in budget. The hesitation should come – if there is any – from misinformation and not from fear.  A bride must know that the level of guidance from a planner could also vary to fit your budget. If you didn’t know that when you got married, then that is probably why you didn’t get a planner. There are packages offered by professional planners that cater to their different involvement levels in the planning stage. Again, their job is to do everything possible to get everything right the first time since this is a once in a lifetime event for many – and that’s how everyone would like it.

A wedding is a onetime deal that has to be perfected the first try whoever the organizer is. Just imagine how more the chances would be if the couple is to make the all the decision by themselves. It all boils down to experience. This is in fact what you’re paying for. Now if budget constraints persist, a couple could arrange for just a consultation. That will only last a few hours and a couple is advised to throw all the questions they can ask to the professional. If the budget can allow it, the help can be extended for a whole day. That would allow plenty of time to gain a lot more helpful inputs. These are the other options that many may not be aware of. But of course, to get the most out of the event there is the package where everything is handled by the planner.

Charlotte Event Planner – Budget

Growing up, I was enthralled in building computers. At a young age (my teen years) I was already engaged on educating myself on how this technological marvel works – although my father did not approve any of those learning because the curriculum mainly is comprised of me breaking our home computer down.  I remember back then a computer’s capability is many times less capable compared to the machine we now have. Nonetheless, I still find deep fascination with those machines I dismembered. Some I was able to put back and some never made it back to life again.

Corporate Event Planning Chicago

As the years pass, the success rate of me putting a computer back to its norm has steadily increased. Even without professional guidance, I was beginning to feel confident that somehow my skills are growing as I am. When internet finally reached our home, it would further throw more firewood at my furnace. Learning became much easier when you’ve got the experience of people all around the world backing you up. And so as I look back, I guess it was really my calling to be around computers. From the destroyer, to the enthusiast, gamer and now an internet freelancer; the learning I got from computers is irreplaceable.

I have mentioned all that and even got to pass points in my life because it is somehow related to the topic of why anyone should hire an event planner. As I have discussed, the background I had with personal computers gave me the expertise with the particular subject matter; thus I have developed a keen eye when people make a mistake about it all the time. One example is when I walk inside a tech shop and I find a store employee stuffing all these hardware to build a pc for a customer which has no idea he doesn’t even need have of those in his machine. The employee probably does that to gain incentive but it is wrong in so many ways.


Hiring an event planner especially in our very much eventful city of Charlotte gives us the luxury of avoiding such mistakes – assuming that you’ll get a legit one, but that’s a different topic. One reason that you should get yourself a Charlotte event planner (which is often thought of as being a complete opposite) is budget. You might think it doesn’t sound right but keeping with your budget is an advantage of hiring yourself a GOOD event planner, it always has been. Go back to the previous example I mentioned with computers. Think about it, with the numerous details one has to think of involving an event; you’ll always encounter someone, someplace and something which would force you to overspend. Then let’s add the fact that you’ll always want to impress your bride, family, friends, clients, colleagues or whoever is invited with a particular event. Having an expert by your side is always a good thing. He can act as an agent, plus the fact that as a planner he does have the years of experience to back him up. His experience can help you navigate around the city so you can stick with your budget.

Event Planning Companies in Charlotte NC in June

People in a marquee enjoying a wedding feast.

For many, June marks the season changing over to summer. And it is also well known for being the month when the most wedding celebrations are held. Event planning companies in Charlotte NC annually find themselves at a scramble to find more ways of attending to all the requirements a wedding should have on that month because of the many requests they receive for assistance.

A June wedding has been of those traditions that are able to jump over boundaries of nations. Some would say that it is simply brought about by it direct connection with the changing of the season and with it the perfect weather for such an important ev

eld on the month of June may be attributed to something much more than just the weather.

Harvest Cycle – it is only logical too think that many of our traditions are tied up with the timeframes of harvesting. June can be considered the best suitable period to which a couple can have start pregnancy and the wife would still be in the stage where she is able to help out with the chores during harvesting. It would also mean that by the time she gives birth, then comes the next year’s harvest time where she would have to help out as well. This would be back at a time where things are less complicated of course.

Cleanliness – have you ever come across with the term called annual bath? Apparently, there was a time in our history (and probably that’s why it’s called the dark ages) where people only compelled themselves to take a bath only once for a whole year. This was a tradition in itself observed towards the last part of the month of May. This would mean that June is the perfect time to tie the knot because this is when they are most presentable and clean – well, somewhat.

From a Roman goddessJuno was a goddess revered in ancient Rome. And only accordingly a lot of Romans have chosen to schedule their wedding date on the month of June to honor their goddess. At that time, the people way of thinking is that the only way they can ensure prosperity is by sticking to whichever wishes of their gods.

Pregnancy – going back into the present, teens would usually find some unnecessary action the previous season where the girls get themselves pregnant. June is usually the month before those baby bumps becomes more obvious and so many couples deal with this scenario by marrying.

Well there you go; you might find some of those explanations rough, but all are good enough answers. June is one of the boom times for event planning companies, as we’ve said, not just in Charlotte but the same can be said to other parts of the world. Offers from clients arrive from left and right. And one of the answers above might be the one we have to thank for that.

Choices of Charlotte NC Events

As tourist you want to get the most out of wherever place you will be staying at. One has to ask the question of “what’s the point of travel if you will be doing the same things you’re doing at home – which is nothing”. What this means is that effort and energy spent on travelling is usually a well spent bargain that any traveler would be happier to part with. No one is more willing to scour the land of whatever spoil there is to cherish as much as a traveler or a tourist.

English: Charlotte Bobcats Time Warner Cable Arena

A tourist doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be from out of town. Its definition suggests that but its essence tells us there is something to it more than being from another place. I for one is a person whose been living in the same town for roughly 20 years. I have been on this town where I’m living now for a very long time and still there are places in here that has besieged to impress me. I still consider it a town which maintains wonders that I haven’t discovered yet, restaurants that I have yet to try out their best meal perhaps hidden someplace unknown to me and my friends but in any case does exist. Every once in a while I do stumble upon such kind of adventures, that is why I won’t even go discussing about the more expansive province this town is located on.

World famous whitewater rafting in the Valley.

Charlotte, I’m sure is a city that would do its best to provide a constant supply of excitement, adventure and events for everyone. You do not have to be a tourist from someplace else because even the locals do not know what fun activities will be held someplace a month from now. If we are to talk about Charlotte NC events, then we are talking about schedules that are as shifting as the sand. There is simply no way to get a hold of everything months in advance because frankly it hasn’t happened yet so no one can be certain.

The perfect place as an example is the schedule of events held on the Time Warner Cable Arena. There are very competitive sports events held in here as well as concerts from the most popular icons of the music industry. The internet does everything it can to get everyone updated, but of course not all people have the websites that posts these events on their bookmarks.

There are countless ways to find satisfaction from travels, adventures and events in Charlotte. From restaurants worthy enough to be shown on television to river sports which includes white water rafting; the choices a person is going to choose from is as diverse as the local delicacies which would definitely entice anyone’s taste buds. If one is up for adventure, there are ship wrecks diving to explore. The experience one would surely get out of that is way past excitement. The history and the underwater views would simply be breathtaking from everybody’s opinion. In fact, with all those choices, it’s just a matter of where to go next.

Event planning companies Charlotte NC

A business owner, other than leading his company into greater profit has a lot on his mind to think about. Well, for one thing, he has to find the most basic of ways on how to keep the employees engaged on his business – to make more profits. Erase that profit part again, because generally a manager or a business honestly keeps his employee’s morale in mind every time he thinks or approves an event.

A company event is held usually as a response to what the employees want. Leaders often spend many hours wondering about how they are going to pacify the stress that the work place throws at the employees every given day. They often fall victim to over thinking. Over thinking lessens a person’s reaction time and when it comes to an employee’s morale, time is of the essence. A leader should not let another day pass when something is bothering his team or work force. Every day that passes by and the concern is not resolved, it is multiplied which would make the effort to fix it be doubled each day. Being a leader you should learn from those who have successfully gone through the same concern by either asking a mentor or looking for an online aid. There are many articles that would point out different escape routes on how a problem should be resolved in the work area. You as a leader, often times, you do not have the luxury of time.

Company year-end-party - 08

References would point out to the importance of social events as the answer to most conflicts that arises in a company. Company outings or team building reinforces whatever corporate culture that might have been forgotten in a wake of a conflict. It brings people or colleagues together and socializes in an environment where they don’t have to deal with the pressure of work. Indeed the social aspect or a work place is often forgotten by some leaders. They may do their best to think of ways to resolve differences but unless they establish a communication with their employees he will never be assured of 100% success. Sometimes you just have to ask. The only way to be certain is to ask employees and taking them out into an environment outside of the pressure of work can make all the difference.

Event planning companies Charlotte NC can assist you with your goals on any company outing or team building. With the help of professional event planners you can focus on keeping your employees happy rather than being absorbed with all the processes an event requires. This may take away too much from you most especially your time which is more needed towards socializing. Remember that this is one of the few times where you can collect the untainted responses you need out of your employees. If done right, gathering like these where they engage themselves on fun activities that focuses on teamwork can also serve as a reward for them. Having a well organized company event lets an employee go home with that feeling of being appreciated; which leads to them going back to work revitalized.

Event Planning Charlotte NC

English: Aerial view of the Southpark neighbor...

Charlotte is a well established city in North Carolina USA. When it comes to size or land area, there is no city to challenge it within that particular state. Its urban area is home to about 2 million people. The financial doings of Charlotte holds a great stature on the whole country as it is one of the major cities which serve as a financial hub of the nation. The fact that some of the nation’s largest banks does and has been situated in Charlotte as their business center speaks well for itself of the importance of Charlotte with the finance of the country.

The choice of many businesses in Charlotte to grow leads to events, meetings or even party as these are unavoidable. Social gatherings serve a number of functions.

Once becoming a part of a new organization, you immediately take on the responsibility that comes with the job. Many would say that in order to become effective with once job you have to be an excellent team player as well. Some would say that its 50/50. Fifty percent of what makes a good job is by executing your daily tasks well and the other half is making sure that you are involved with the organization not just professionally but socially. Imagine if you become a nuisance in the office and you didn’t even know. You wouldn’t have any idea thus making steps to avoid or remove that perception of others unto you would not be possible or would not take effect.

The scenario above also hold true for a business; a business is not just all about making things, doing your purpose or about income; it is as much about making connections too with other businesses. A business event is one gathering that would help a business owner on this side of business. Business events are held to help create an environment which will foster people in making connections. While many would attend this kind of event for the food and drinks, the real people involved would rather scramble for contacts which can all be of much importance in the future of their businesses.

English: Financial Services Forum President an...

Event planning Charlotte NC or an event planner in Charlotte is a dime a dozen and this does make the decision of choosing who to trust a little bit more difficult. One thing is for sure though, when it comes to business or corporate events, no one wants to leave anything to chance. This will ultimately ask the question of why did one have to plan in the first place if there are still going to be situations which we will leave to itself. Letting things develop for them is the exact opposite of making a plan. Given the important nature of business events, it is only logical that the planning stage is not allowed to leave any stones unturned to minimize or eliminate any major disaster which will ruin the mission of the event. Hiring event planners helps ensure that the guest are assisted with the friendliest of service; served with the tastiest of food so they could get back to things that really matters for business.

Charlotte event planners – who are we?

Event Planning Office

Special events go down to the personal history of everyone who participated in the occasion. We remember them because they only happen once in a while; they usually happen for a cause and most importantly, the reason they are usually held has some gravity of its own. Given of their importance, their planning stage is in our utmost priority. We usually regard ourselves – if we are in charge – with much of our time to carefully think ahead to get the best out of the experience.

We as Charlotte event planners would like to give you a brief background on the workings of how a special gathering unfolds. It is important to know these certain views at the early stages of an event so an organizer can better gauge if he does indeed is going to get help. Imagine if you have been tasked upon recreating a certain theme for a special gathering and of course you did accept, without even knowing the trouble that one has to go through. Initially a person rarely does accept his weaknesses. This is most often than not a trait where the problem starts. When a person accepts the responsibility even though he doesn’t have the ability to foresee all the necessities a special events hold true. He might do well only up to a certain point then when things starts to build up or gets difficult, it is often too late zero in on what the event is in void of even with the help of an event planner. This scenario is what we urge people to be careful of not reaching. Events are set on an exact date, yes it is possible to move them, but it is often more costly and it will jeopardize guests’ schedules, which is why it is only done as a last resort. Its impact can be of great negativity.


An event planner, sometimes also known as an event coordinator or consultant, is an individual who has engaged himself with the supervision of numerous especial events. And because of this, he has gained enough skills and techniques in order to turn it into a profession. Event planning consist of synchronizing details in which if done harmoniously enough, would ensure an event gets the festivity, fun and wholesomeness it needs. Putting together an event requires a lot of details and it is up to the event planner to stack and blow away all these challenges – some of which are the following: budget, location, guest arrival, vendor supervision, venue requirements, guest management, catering, on site management.

An event planner keeps all those things stated above and more. We as Charlotte event planners take all these responsibilities, and with our 25 years of experience, decide on each of them and treat them as our ingredients to the wonderful event that we will serve our clients. May it be about a wedding, corporate event or just a tour we hold all of these events with the same importance and the way we only how.