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Event Planning Companies in Charlotte NC in June

People in a marquee enjoying a wedding feast.

For many, June marks the season changing over to summer. And it is also well known for being the month when the most wedding celebrations are held. Event planning companies in Charlotte NC annually find themselves at a scramble to find more ways of attending to all the requirements a wedding should have on that month because of the many requests they receive for assistance.

A June wedding has been of those traditions that are able to jump over boundaries of nations. Some would say that it is simply brought about by it direct connection with the changing of the season and with it the perfect weather for such an important ev

eld on the month of June may be attributed to something much more than just the weather.

Harvest Cycle – it is only logical too think that many of our traditions are tied up with the timeframes of harvesting. June can be considered the best suitable period to which a couple can have start pregnancy and the wife would still be in the stage where she is able to help out with the chores during harvesting. It would also mean that by the time she gives birth, then comes the next year’s harvest time where she would have to help out as well. This would be back at a time where things are less complicated of course.

Cleanliness – have you ever come across with the term called annual bath? Apparently, there was a time in our history (and probably that’s why it’s called the dark ages) where people only compelled themselves to take a bath only once for a whole year. This was a tradition in itself observed towards the last part of the month of May. This would mean that June is the perfect time to tie the knot because this is when they are most presentable and clean – well, somewhat.

From a Roman goddessJuno was a goddess revered in ancient Rome. And only accordingly a lot of Romans have chosen to schedule their wedding date on the month of June to honor their goddess. At that time, the people way of thinking is that the only way they can ensure prosperity is by sticking to whichever wishes of their gods.

Pregnancy – going back into the present, teens would usually find some unnecessary action the previous season where the girls get themselves pregnant. June is usually the month before those baby bumps becomes more obvious and so many couples deal with this scenario by marrying.

Well there you go; you might find some of those explanations rough, but all are good enough answers. June is one of the boom times for event planning companies, as we’ve said, not just in Charlotte but the same can be said to other parts of the world. Offers from clients arrive from left and right. And one of the answers above might be the one we have to thank for that.