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A person who knows the importance of being ready before he or she actually does something will look it up on the internet first. The internet has abolished other medias especially libraries because of its efficacy on the important task of research.

Take my story for example. There was one instance that I just instantly felt like I needed to go somewhere. That is not a normal impulse I get and I don’t remember anymore when was the last time I had one of those urge to just take off before this story I writing about now. The day felt like any other and I can’t tell it apart from any other day that passes by. There I was sitting when I decided to go somewhere. The next minute, I was at my friend’s house a few blocks away and I was able to talk him into just going someplace. I was thinking of looking for an adventure. And I sure got it. After a 4 hour drive, we got to a small town we both haven’t been in before. I don’t even know where to point it exactly on the map even though we just drove to it.

Boy Scout Lane, Linwood, Wisconsin Craig M. Gr...

The thing that really caught my attention though was how beautiful that town was. Although it was small and the streets and houses felt like they were all squeezed to fit into their places. I felt the atmosphere from its people that I’ve never seen before from any other town. Every person that walked passes me had a smile in their face and it seemed like everybody knows everybody. Also there is one magic ingredient in this town that is unique. Its people all have the same occupation. It was the first place I’ve been that everybody made the same thing for a living. I would have never imagined how that could work but in reality, seeing it with my own eyes, I’d say it brought an atmosphere that was magical.

The Problem


Like many other adventure there would of course be a conflict. It’s just a simple mishap though. We got lost. That’s about it; we didn’t know where to go, where to eat and where to stay because it also rained cats and dogs then.


It was a problem that could have been easily avoided if only the Boy Scout in me have awakened. For someone who spends more than half of his day on the internet, the mistake I made is surpasses clumsiness. I forgot to look up the place we were going to in advance.

Charlotte is a city growing at a hurried pace. Some would say that it trails only New York City when we’re talking about the banking sector. That sector in fact has much to do with the increase of population of the city. If ever you have a planned or unplanned trip her in this wonderful city, just type in and you will get your answers without hassle. It’s better to be ready than to be sorry in the end. One clumsy mistake can ruin the experience and jeopardize the trip, which is of course a waste.